E-commerce Trends in 2017

  One of the most important international retail organizations, the NRF (National Retail Federation) represents US retailers and other retailers in more than 45 countries. One of the projects led by the NRF is the NRF Tech Forum. The event focuses on management and information technology (IT) professionals, the development of educational programs and the […]

What is buying the Internet?

  For some people, shopping over the internet is a great convenience; for others, it is a tremendous one of an addiction. There are those who can not spend a week without buying something on the web. You have to be careful not to throw money away. Before making any purchase, it is convenient to meditate on the need, observe the prices offered on the foreign sales sites, check the opinions of those who already have the product and pay attention to the value of the freight, Since, in certain cases, the addition of this item can raise the final price considerably, making online shopping at a disadvantage. Ten years ago, there was no Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Instagram or Google Wallet and there was the “Internet of Things.” The high speed with which these technologies bombard us, says Alvarez, creates the need for retailers (and others) to make new approaches and planning.    

Strategies For Customer Loyalty In E-Commerce

  We already know that e-commerce is a booming business worldwide and that, if well planned, will certainly bring the desired return to its investors. A fundamental part of this planning, however, ends up being overlooked by many: the post-sale. Many virtual entrepreneurs are concerned with attracting the buyer and finalizing the order, but they forget that they should invest in the loyalty of those who bought their products. Conquering customers is a lot of work, really. You need to invest in SEO, email marketing, be in the price comparators, among other strategies. So why waste those who were conquered? There are many ways to get future purchases from a newly acquired customer. They say that the good child at home makes it, and this is absolutely true in e-commerce, because those who have a good experience in an online purchase, will treasure the name of the store. But how to provide good experiences? The first thing to do is to become aware that the service makes all the difference. Forget the primitive idea that just put the website up and deliver the products. Make available as many service channels as you can. In addition to increasing customer confidence, this measure facilitates negotiation of eventual exchanges. At the same time, attention should be paid to social networks. Customers choose the most convenient form of contact. Be prepared to serve them. Another factor that helps a lot is to send a discount coupon along with the first delivery. Of course the person can lose this coupon, but it is at this moment that comes the attention of the seller. It is important to restrain reminders to the customer’s email box to remind you of the benefit. Sending dozens of messages a week does not help at all. Quite the opposite. Your […]